Festival of Wisdom in Europe

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Festival of Wisdom in Europe

Warsaw, London, Amsterdam, Cologne, Madrid, Copenhagen and Lausanne

Sheikh Mohammed, Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai inspires the Festival of Wisdom in Europe

Sheikh Mohammed is a man of mission, accomplishments and achievements. With his wisdom, he founded Noor Dubai, sending doctors and nurses to remote and deprived villages in third world countries, bringing hope back and curing blindness, giving millions the vision, making them proud and productive members of society and country. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has indeed enlightened the mankind with his wisdom.

This enlightenment and awareness has been the inspiration for this Festival of Wisdom in Europe. A series of seven events that are appropriately called: A Salute to the Wisdom of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed. The first event is in Warsaw on 16th March, 2021 at Złota 44, the tallest penthouse in the European Union. The other six selected cities are: London, Amsterdam, Cologne, Madrid, Copenhagen and Lausanne. Warsaw is the first city as a Polish company has taken this wonderful initiative. Lausanne is selected as the seventh event as it is the planned headquarter of The Wisdom Platform. The Wisdom Platform will be launched at the first event. Each event is a two hour television program dedicated to the stories of Wisdom from the visionaries of each city.

The Wisdom Platform will create a Wisdom Fund will execute brilliant ideas, innovations, inventions, arts and creativity that only wisdom can bring. Some of the highlights of The Wisdom Platform are films, events, festivals, television programs and innovative projects that all contribute in making this world a better place. The pilot project of The Wisdom Platform is a Hollywood feature film, “Wisdom”, a story of a young blind girl who gets her eyesight back and develops wisdom that shapes the destiny of her people.